Nav was first introduced to photography at the age of sixteen beginning with portrait and glamour photography.  Over the past 10 years Nav has expanded his portfolio to include events and landscape photography.  Nav is known to get up in the wee hours of the morning to capture the perfect sun rise and can keep up with any event that carries on into the night.

Nav has built up a professional portfolio covering all manner of events, portrait, glamour and now landscape photography.  Nav uses a top of the range Canon 60D camera with a variety of lens and accessories to capture your special moments.  Nav keep up to date with current photographic trends and technology, guaranteeing the best photos possible.

Nav has a keen artistic eye and sees the detail and potential in every shot.  Your photos would be lightly enhanced without losing their realism.  Nav uses his professional judgment, from years of experience, to determine the best filters, effects, lighting and contrast for your photos.

Nav has solid experience with still and moving pictures, indoor and outdoor photography and has worked with a variety of subjects.  Nav can be available upon appointment for your photographic needs and a tailored solution for your budget can be discussed.